Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sketch book pro on Galaxy note 2

I started Using Galaxy note 2 with Spen ( which comes with it of course ) this piece of tool is just too epic to a digital artist, and it can turn into the ultimate tool in the hands of autodesk sketch book users who uses the PC ver of it as well, what you need to do is to download dropsync software on you Note2 and sync your autodesk sketchbook pro file with your PC so every time you save a file on your phone it will update to your pc and every time you save on the pc it updates to you phone, and you can also hack the resolution size limitation by increasing the file size using Sketchbook pro on PC. it is simply epic! and if you have galaxy tab 10.1 you can use that as well, I have never used cintiqu wacom before but for now this Galaxy note is more than enough for me and if i want to get a tablet i will get the samsung one for sure! 

here is a review by the awesome I-Wei Huang AKA Crabfu  ( lead artist on spiro and skylander)

and how to fix sensitivity problem if you have it in your Spen, I followed his tips and it worked to the letter!

visit his blog! he makes awesome freaking toys and steampunk stuff that actually works! he is a maaaaad! scientist! 

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