Tuesday, July 23, 2013

more from Sketchbook pro and Pie

When you are on the go jumping from place to another, hospital, official office for paper work and other stuff you won't have time to do anything! specially when your work is at home! so no break what so ever! to sketch!

but! if you have Galaxy note s3 om your side? it is a blessing, drawing in the subway, waiting at the office, in the hospital, in the toilet! where ever you go! your draw!!!!! :D here are few stuff that I did using my lovely on the go studio! :D

and this week, me and my wife were at a cafe called Mary Grace at SM Trinorma Mall in the Manila City and MY! GOD! that pie was so awesome that it brought tears to my eyes! better than any other pie I have ever had in my life ( Besides mom's of course ) I didn't care how full I was I ordered another one and ate it there and had sugar sick! lol! even my wife was laughing at me and telling me my face looks like a baby tasting something good for the 1st time! and she kept looking at me and giggling the whole time :D, if you are in Manila! you should go and have this awesome piece of pie! it will make not just your day but your whole week!

have a good week ahead!

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