Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dark Souls and what it meant to me

For the past 10 years I have played lots and lots of video games, from Castlevania series to Halo series to Red Dead redumption series, MGS and the list goes on.
some games were up to the challenge, some were okay and some made me feel like a child ( not in a good way ) feeling like someone is pointing me to what I am suppose to do and not forcing me to think and be alert.
Until I played Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition.

okay! some of you will say it is too hard, unfair, Masochist game, I say it is a game where it just pushes in into the depth of the abyss and you have to survive on your own, it places you into that atmospher, it makes you feel you are hopeless and with that! your gaming senses are hight to its maximum level, that tension and the experince it offers.
when I played it I felt I am there, I am that lost hollow in that horrifying yet beautiful nightmare, the world, the mood, the surrounding, it just places you there.
when I met the Asylum Demon and had no weapon, no shield? OMG! I felt so hopeless and desprate, but when I got into the dungeon and got my sword and shield I felt empowerd and I can fight back! and I did, but it taught me that I have to wait for the right moment to strike, I need to becareful, I need to pay attention to the enemy and surrounding.
plus it is for sure inspired by one of my top favorite stories in the story telling history ( Berserk ), everyone has their own personal opinion, but just wanted to share mine hopping that it will help a lost soul to go through that Abyss.
Dues ex did the same for me, so as MGS but Darksouls was a whole new level, I felt I was there!

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