Friday, March 20, 2015

NetherRealm Studio and MKX Rocks!

NetherRealm Studio

Formed by the Co-Creator of Mortal Kombat Ed Boon.

The Studio Foundation and policy shows in their work, you know what it is? Love the fans, that is what it is!

They love their fans they hear and respond to their fans with respect and so much love, that is a studio where the given money is worth it, cause they respect us and understand that fans are very important, unlike many other triple A studio out there.

they game us MK9 to restart the MK series on a better foundation ( played every MK since I was 8! )

MK 9 was a wonderful start and you can see they have took what was best in every MK and put it there in one game and by God! it rocked!

MKX! is going to rock! am burning for it!

Why? because they want to craft and badass fighting game, a game is not just about Gore and blood but a game that can go to Evo and plus! they want to make all your dreams come true! they brought Jason, they Tanya, TREEEEEMOOOOOR!!!!!! and even the motha Freaking Predator! yeaaaaaaaaaah! let the Hunt begin!

I can't want to see how well the Kombat plays and and combos and moves! I just Can't wait

Note : Shout out to John Tobias! I hope he will be back to work together with the Boon!

and Toasty!

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