Thursday, December 18, 2014

Progression as an artist

I graduated out of my course last year
had a lot of confedance but turned out that I still need so much more to reach what I thought I was already there, and than I hit rock buttom.

2014 was a year that I can't and won't forget, the year that I tried everything, drawing nude, drawing erotic stuff, drawing graphical illustration, story boarding for a client, doing game art and again lots and lots of practice, Value study was very helpful but the most helpful was drawing what i see in simple strokes, not caring or being afraid just throwing a line, did it until people thought I was tracing em.
all of these things has came to a result of being a better observer, to be an good artist you need observation, attention to details, which brings a drawing to life, not just small details but details in motion, details in forms and details in values.

this year I progressed, this year I have done so much and hopefully next year, will Triple it...

am thankful for all the ones who helped me from Mr. Danial Mervenne a Client and a friend, his Project Jables Creed has helped alot improving my skill.

My friend Ali Al-khiro with our game project and his demanding request helped me grow and an artist and do my best to listen to detailed feedback and have more attention to details.

and my friend and mentor Mike Parent from Brash monkey who helped me being a better observer ( shout out for their Spriter 1.0 release! woot! )

all of my friends from Hangout Hub Helped me with technical knowledge and inspired me to do more.

last but not least my lovely family :) 

too all young artists out there who feel furstrated with not progressing fast, it takes time, I know by experince, I was there in your position, I know how it feels, but progression will come. :) 

stay healthy, workout, and practice your skills, practice makes perfection.

Thank you all!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2015

Update: something to add, yesterday I got tears in my eyes to know that I inspired creating a Game Developement community in Baguio city, just because I do what I do... 

Baguio Indie Games ( B.I.G ) 
am glad that I inspired you but mostly thank you for inspiring me to do more
shout out to ( Alex Valdiz ) the founder of B.I.G

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