Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dota 2 workshop

SO! two nights ago a friend convinced me to try a DOTA 2 workshop item creation, and I was thinking what to create and how, I don't know anything about the whole subject and never played the game before, but I had a friend who kept doing fan art of Juggernut and it just stayed there in the back of my head, so i did read his profile and information from Dota 2 Requirement and I was like hi! that would be fun! a Major's mask Legend of Zelda cross over with Dota 2! 
so I redesigned the mask.

next step was doing the actual work and in my 1st try it went horrible, no planing no break down I just jumpped straight into it and everything went wrong specially since i was burned out that day finishing another model.

so next day (yesterday) I was out on Baguio Parade ( which was AWESOME! ) and when I was there, and walking in my head i was breaking down how will i model that darn mask, and unwrap it with such low poly of 400 tris! am super new to the lowpoly.

so I got back sat on my desk and started! took me around 20 mins to model the face and 1 hour to texture paint the mask and the result is the redone! I was so happy with it and satisfied beyond imagination with the result, specially since everything was done inside blender.

so than I found out in the guide I have to go through normal mapping and do the masks textures and that was my 1st issue! I dont want to use other softwares or photoshop! 
so I searched online and asked a friend of mine ( the juggernut fan ) and he said try xnormal 
and that opensource bad ass was a calling! it was the best! and it is FREEEEEEEEEE! so after downloading the xnormal and converting the texture map to normal map and doing the masks finally I imported it to DOTA 2 and by GOD! I was so happy that I almost cried watching that mask in action! I hope Steam will accept and won't reject the model ( copy rights stuff ).

the experince was useful, informative and satisfying as heaven! I have got a lot of information that I have never knew about and learned tons of stuff! if you are jumping into the world of lowpoly? trying to learn, this is the best thing you can do, it is better than any school course for game modeling.

DOTA 2 workshop can teach you everything you need about character modeling for gaming.

I hope that was informative, Have a good day!  

ps: helpful video ( Dota 2 workshop with Blender )
                         ( texture painting tutorial with blender )

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