Thursday, July 24, 2014

long long time! XD

Hi guys! it has been so long since I have posted anything! and there will be storm of news here!

1- working on a game project which i cant share yet, production stage! yes! we are deplying stuff into the engine ( trying  LOL! ) and thing are progressing so far for that and this is why I have been busy and cant post!

2- Project Jables Creed! finally the website is on! and my client Daniel Marvenne working so hard to make it happen to an actual movie!  and this is the website Project Jables Creed .

and to speed up the work flow since things are needed on short notice, I used a lot of Photobashing ( it is a technique where an artist makes a collage photo and does a paintover )

3- My drawing skills shift a lot recently and I have been practicing more often on my figure illustrations 

4- making lots of artists friends, locally and online, and am on the hangout almost on daily bases, either drawing together or some times guiding young starting artist since they see me with more experince, you can follow the hangout updates on my page Skeletal Raven Arts, I will update there when we will have a hangout.

a lot of support from level up group on facebook, those guys rocks!Level Up! it is a group for artists who wants to improve and get pro feedback.

AAAAAAAAAAnd making enemies LOL! some one made the effort creating a fake account to come and writting seemingly hurtful remarks ( as he thinks lol! ) thinking he would piss me off or something and it was funny! and guess what?! HE IS LOCAL! LOL!

5- I have done some sculpting recently hoping the artist original creator from my life with fell would like a 3D print but it seems I still dont have enough skill with my sculpting to impress such awesome artist ( GOD I LOVE HIS WORK! ) check out his comic My Life With Fel

 this is the sculpt.
Mugger design belong to Alonso Fern├índez, Illustrator, designer and comic artist

yeah and of course there are the ups and downs of life, but life is good :) things are moving, this year so far so much progress and hopefully big results in the end of it! :) 

ouh and still waiting for my degree to be delivered...meh!


ouh and one more thing * to all young artists who are just starting, a piece of information, drawing is hard, it is not easy, pros make it look easy cause they have practiced most of their life, it is a 2nd nature to them just like eating or sleeping, good art takes a lot of time, and speedy art takes even more time! ( more time to achieve such speed of application ) 

draw everyday, and improve, keep the drawings were u 1st started, and compare your self after one year of drawings on daily bases, nothing comes easy in life, specially drawing skills! *

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