Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Castlevania ( Ayami Kojima ) Hector 3D modeling with Blender 2.69

So! I decied to do a quick modeling of Hector with Ayami Kojima style with blender and that kind of kicked my butt! but I did it! :) same technique, drawing basic structure on the reference to have guidance and than start tweak and fix to reach the final result, and much thanks to the lunch crunch group for thier valuable feedback! :)

Update 1 : ah! couldn't help the itch not to texture it! i just had to! 

Update : 2 texture update


  1. You missed the lacrimals and the skull is too high, and in profile view it looks like squashed. You can improve all that and get the same looking of the illustration.

  2. Ah yes, and the Eyelids are not like that, as you can notice they are not shown in the illustration because he has eyelids like Bruce Willis, practically folding vertically than back around the eyeball.

    1. that was a long time ago! but thank you so much for taking the time to give me feedback, and since you did, I think it will be on my list of the stuff I need to redo to test my progress! so expect something soon! and thank you very much for visiting my humble blog! :)