Zaid Mohammed Jawad Al-Shaheed
52 Purok 24, Lower San Carlos Hts., Irisan, Baguio City

Position Desired:

Game Artist, Lowpoly modeling artist, Concept artist, Character design (remotely Part-time )


Applying my degree in BA (HONS) DIGITAL MEDIA (3D ANIMATION) as an artist, as it is one of my passions, ( Creating concept sketches and design, creating 3D lowpoly for video games and getting involved in video game making is one of my dreams since I grew up playing video games and appreciate the value of classic lowpoly game based such as most of psx games, N64 and old computer games such as warcraft and starcraft, and finally gaining more experience in that field.

Summary of Qualifications:

Highly motivated gamer and animator, vastly experienced in playing video games with wide knowledge on its technical aspects.

Clear design aesthetics, goal-oriented, with excellent communication skills written and spoken in English and Arabic.    

Inherently considerate, strong team player with high attention to details, as well as dutiful respect for compliance in all regulated environment.

Educational Background:

Schools Attended
Degree Attained
Inclusive Dates

ICAT ( Image College of Art, Animation and technology
Bachelor of Arts ( 3D Animation )
September 2009-April 2013

Work Experiences:

Place of Work
Nature of Work
Inclusive Dates
Job Description

Private Internet cafe
April 2006- June 2006
Managing a number of computers, installing OS and Softwares
Sprite Artist, Sketch Artist
December 2011-
Present Day
Drawing Sprite art for video games and character design sketches
Lead Artist, Lead Animator, Lead Designer
August 2011- August2012
Designing characters and concept for games, Supervising Junior artists and giving them technical feedback
May 2013-June 2013
Creating an animated commercial for their product.
Jan 2014- Jan 2015
Storyboard and Animatics
Clockwork Studio
Jan 2014- Jan 2016
Creating an animated commercial for their product.
Lead Artist
Sep 2015-Still in position
Creating Concept Art, ingame Art
3D lowpoly modeling, video editing and Animation.

Training and Seminar:

Nature of Training
Inclusive Dates
Ed-Hook’s Acting for animators seminar
( International Animation Day)
Understanding the theory of animator’s thinking and understanding how to teach acting to an animator.
August 24/2011


  • Experienced Quick Sketch Artist
  • Good Scene of Story board
  • Good Animation 2D-3D
  • Skilled Animating Motion Comic
  • Powerful Silhouette Design
  • Strong sense in Character Design
  • Basic Script writing
  • Strong Creative thinking and Story Concept Creation
  • Powerful sense of visualization

Software skills:

Good knowledge with Blender Modelling and Unwrapping, Hand Painted texture.
  • Good knowledge with Adobe after effects
  • Basic knowledge with Abode premier
  • Highly skilled with Adobe Photoshop, Paint tool sai, Mypaint, Alchemy, MangaStudio5
  • Good knowledge with Zbrush Sculpting

Personal Information:

Name:   Zaid Mohammed Jawad Al-Shaheed
Address:  52 Purok 24, Lower San Carlos Heights, Irisan, Baguio City
Birthday:  April 11, 1987
Nationality:  Iraqi
Gender:   Male
Contact No.:  +639323085999

Since I was a kid I was inspired by cartoons and video games and mostly got stimulated by the unique elements of the character design in video games and the story and its universe surrounding it, so I started drawing my own characters, and from there I found out my passion is more into character design and concept art, the process of pre-production and how everything is being developed into one of the most things that I enjoy, trying out other variation and possibilities that can be suggested for one character.  

Music is one effective trigger to me, it generates good feelings for me in my creation process, it helps me to disconnect from the outside world and feel the character situation and what will it do in a situation; sometimes a music track can bring a whole concept out of nowhere.

I follow silhouettes in my designs, it is more sufficient in my opinion, time saving and it can show a unique design and feel, and sometimes if used properly it can give a proper depth of feel in the work.
Awards and achievements:

S. No.
Awards and achievements:
Guest lecturer at VIT ( Vellore Institute of Technology )
Character design guest lecturer


  • Mike Parent
  • Senior Artist, Senior Animator and Co-founder of

  • Abdullah M. Al-Imam
  • Senior programmer and co-founder of

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