About us

A Stand Alone studio founded By Zaid Mohammed Jawad Al-Shaheed, Iraqi Concept Artist who found his passion and started as an artist from ground zero back in 2007, now he is a Simi pro concept artist worked on various projects and holder of an Animation Bachelor Degree.

Pro gamers since the age of four, played video games his whole life and wanted to make them since the age of 12 and still carry's that passion with him until now.

Key Skills:
Quick learner, fixable and adaptive to change requests.
Works with traditional and digital art.
Good communication skills in Arabic and English.

Our Goal:
To have Studio that produce concept art for video game companies, offering best solutions to them and produce its own 2D game titles offering a challenge to players not just time killer games.


  1. can you teach me to be as good as you at blender

    1. well you can add me on skype ( darkslyer_raven )

      I can answer few questions and share my methods but that is all I can do, if you are okay with that, you can add me.