Art Works

                                             Concept Art

Fire vs Ice
Fire and Ice
Dark Forest

 Global Game Jam 2015 Atlanta

Character Design and Development
King Chaos

Offence Mage

Guard Knight

Lancer Knight

Menuplation mage

Zombie Portrait

Shooter Bob

Alien Scout

Character thumbnails
Traveling Magic Shop owner
Steampunk explorer Vick character concept

Gauntlet color variations

Temple Guardian

Ram the Barbarian

Ram the Barbarian cartoon style action sheet

Ram the Barbarian Custom Variations 

Real Life Character Base

Usagi Justice 

After Math Soldier

Onimusha style character

Poisonous sting fairy
Ranger Slice and Fostok the Squirrle
Cartoon character portrait
Character Process

Girl on war, 1 hour sketch

Goblin fire wizard

Environment Concept Art

Desert temple

Fan Art

Skulduggery Pleasant

Shinigami Sama : Soul Eater

Mighty No.9

3D Art
Simon Belmont

Stylized female

Cable Xforce

Anatomy study

Ryu Street fighter IV ( Matching concept )

Punk Style female

Rick Tylor ( Splatter House )

Holy Gun : AutoDesk Maya

Anatomy study ( Zbrush )

Hand Sculpting, Anatomy study : Zbrush

Character portrait concept sculpt (  Zbrush )
Low Poly Pouch (Maya)
Low poly pirate gun (Maya)

Major's Nut Dota 2 ( modeled and textured in Blender )
Blender model with diffuse map ( Blender )

Blender model with diffuse map ( Blender )

Blender model with diffuse map, specmap and normal map ( Blender )

female stylized clothed with diffuse map only ( Blender )

Black smith of Nnar  with diffuse map  ( Blender )

Black Smith's Hammer with diffuse map only ( Blender )

Furnace with diffuse map pn;y  ( Blender )

Anvil with diffuse map only  ( Blender )

The Black Smith of Nnar Static Scene  ( Blender )

Professional Work

2D Ingame Weapons

Special Pistol Cannon
WWII Pistol
Hand Gun
Hand gun Breakdown

2D fantasy NPCs
Character Sheet
Commission Sketch Traditional
Commission Sketch Traditional

An animation set related to a personal game of mine called battle of shadows, it is a fighting game and this character is one of many his name is Bob the Chef


Character silhouettes

Character silhouettes

Brand Design

Guns Silhouettes

Personal Work

The Dying Falcon
The Ballerina


Adam Jenson
Used sword

Knight armor sketch

Oni destroyer

80s Style dude